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vancouver family photographer - viviane carrer

We’re a husband and wife photographer team who have been photographing families since 2011 when we founded “Pequena Joana” in Brazil. The Fox & The Astronaut is a continuation of this project and a new start on our lives now based in Vancouver, BC!


Hi there,
we're Gui & Vivi.

vancouver family photographer - gui drusina

We were inspired to start this journey as photographers when we noticed how our own childhood photographs remain so important to us as we pass our story to future generations.

Although we each bring something unique to the table, our shared sense of curiosity is a driving force behind our work. We are endlessly fascinating by each and every person’s story—and how we can capture its essence with photographs that will last many years.

Since 2011, we’ve helped hundreds of families capture the moments that mean the most to them—the organic, spontaneous, everyday moments that make life so meaningful.


We believe that photos are so much more than a pose—behind every photo is a real, lived experience. We strive to infuse our photographs with the raw energy that highlights relationships and makes a lasting impression in our memories.
Our mission with The Fox and The Astronaut is to create photographs that show your lifestyle in an organic way, in places that are familiar and meaningful to you, with the people you love. We want to help you build visual stories and distill the essence of day-to-day life which so much of the time just passes us by.

Our mission is to create photographs that show your lifestyle, usually it takes place in your own home. Raw moments and neutral colors to make it time proof.

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